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Quintessential Enterprises ('QTE') comes from a history of team ownership and through the understanding of the value that the eSports fan base provides has developed into an eSports business consulting firm. QTE is a consultancy firm that helps people engage with eSports as a business opportunity. Our expertise base draws on traditional elite sports and sponsorship experience with a pioneering track record in the eSports region.

At QTE we work actively in marketing, sponsorship and management within and around the eSports space. We are committed to integrity and transparency to deliver a great experience for our customers. Our experience and understanding of the fan base makes QTE the go to people for securing the business opportunities that eSports offers.

Our team at QTE are the go to people for everything eSports!

Our History

Our History - Inaugural LoL Team

In 2015 QTE was known as Quintessential eSports and was a League of Legends team started to be pioneers in the Oceania region. It was our understanding of the value that the fan base brought to the market that ultimately lead us to developing into Quintessential Enterprises.

Below is the Inaugural QTE Roster that eventually made it into the Oceanic Professional League Qualifying Tournament.

QTE Zhao

QTE Coach

QTE Inascension


QTE Fhysi

QTE Jungle

QTE Nana



QTE Support

QTE Saucey